Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvania

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In PennsylvaniaTop 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the US. Crime is surging in the US—and it’s only getting worse. com, which has released its list of the “Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U. Before 2020, Kansas City ranked the highest in Missouri for dangerous cities, but due to high unemploymen t, the city of St. With a population of only 10,687, Darby saw 412 total crimes in 2014 with the largest numbers coming in at 227 aggravated assaults and 121 rapes. Cities With Highest Violent Crime Rates. The study considered cities with 25,000 or more residents based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents …. Find a diverse assortment of The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvania advertisements on our high-quality marketplace. Be Careful: The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Texas in '23. According to World Atlas, Cleveland had around 1,300 (give or take) violent crimes out of 100,000 people. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Where you’ve got two liberal bookends, and in between, some pretty rural stretches of conservatism. The town shares boundaries with the areas of Peru, Columbia, and Bolivia. The rate of crime in the Philadelphia area is 28. The median income in Erie is $40,201. While many people travel to Cleveland for summers by Lake Erie or to visit its many museums, parts of the city are falling apart. Surprisingly this list is made up mostly of smaller cities, suburbs, and towns, aside. The chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Paterson are 1 in 135 and property crime is 1 in 80. Oakland, California is the tenth most dangerous city for violent crimes with a rate of 703 per 100,000 people. Safety Tips for Traveling to Pennsylvania. In this guide, we will delve into the. Morgan Quitno has ranked Camden as one of the top ten most dangerous cities in the United States since 1998, when they first. Top three most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. the most dangerous city on the list. Data used for this research are 1) the number of violent crimes …. In 2021, Morrow’s crime rate will be about 300 percent higher than the national average. In McKees Rocks, the average family earns even less than that. cities — evidence of its steady progress in the past decade. Property crime makes up the majority of recent …. Recent Data Reveals The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The. Additionally, Zippia reports that Biddeford suffers from a higher number of single women. Philly is the 5th largest city in the country, according to GVLock. So while murder might be a problem in these cities, we have a feeling that the top offenders will get their murder rates under control in the comming years. Maricopa, Arizona and Harris, Texas take second and third place with 442 fatal accidents in Maricopa and 421 in Harris in 2019, according to the NHTSA. Each year, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program releases crime rates in the United States. Detroit is the only midsize or large city in the United States with a violent crime rate of over 2,000. The suburbs of Philadelphia call to all types of people looking to escape city life. Above 5,000 people ( Bigger cities have more data points) So of the 0 cities and towns in Pennsylvania, only 186 places made it through our initial filters to even be. Top 10 Worst Villages in Pennsylvania. Ranking the Most Dangerous Cities in the U. The 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World. As a result of criminal activity in the community, it was named Connecticut's most dangerous city for …. New York City: The Big Apple has the second largest number of true crime tours (14) and 39. On top of that, the town has the 9th highest rate of property crime in the state, leaving residents with a 1 in 22. in 2023 number 10 York, Pennsylvania. If you’re thinking about a move to Pennsylvania, here are the places you should avoid to live, retire or raise a family. Memphis, the biggest metro on the list, accounted for 30% of all the violent crimes reported among the most dangerous metros. Osceola is a rather small community that has just over 6,000 people. 76 percent, followed by Asbury Park, at 1. Nicetown-Tioga is now Philadelphia’s worst neighbourhood. McKees Rocks: Also known as "The Rocks," this borough in Allegheny County takes the lead as Pennsylvania's most unsafe spot. getty 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US (#1 is the highest cost of crime) St. Experience the Magic of Pennsylvania Great Wolf Lodge: A Comprehensive Review. Read More The Largest Cities In The World By Population. Most accurate 2021 crime rates for Philadelphia, PA. The uptick was led by a spike in homicide. Top 10 Worst States in the United States. For the most part, even Idaho’s most dangerous cities have crime rates that are …. The 15 Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvania: 2023's Ultimate. ) If you’re thinking of making a move to a new city, make sure you know the facts before finalizing your p. Electricity Shopping 101: Tips for Comparing Rates in Pennsylvania. Almost seven people are killed every day in this city. Starting our list with a bang is Canton, known as the most dangerous place to live in Ohio for 2023. Violent Crimes (Annually): 1,223. Uniontown, south of Pittsburgh, is the second most dangerous and is not in a big-city environment. ” So, which Pennsylvania cities have the most burglaries, according to the most recent data? Read the full list of the top 10 cities below. Three Pennsylvania cities are among the most dangerous nationwide, according to a new study. Places to Live in Pennsylvania. The average year sees 115 violent crimes committed. Unfortunately, the city is often in the news for the wrong reasons. What that means for you is a 1 in 7 chance of being a victim of theft or car theft, so make sure to lock up. It’s safe to visit Slab City alone. Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvania. Some people would prefer to live in the cities and towns. That is 3% higher than the average rate of crime in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Little Rock reports 20. Why Warren, Pennsylvania is Among America's Most Dangerous Cities. We have the top ten most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania for 2023 broken down below. These Are The 10 Most Conservative Cities In Pennsylvania. Estimated death toll: about 8000 The deadliest natural disaster in U. Franklin (population 87,969), Hendersonville. The safest city in Kansas is Valley Center. Spanning nearly 11 miles, this segment of Roosevelt Blvd had more fatal crashes (26), deaths (30), and alcohol-involved fatalities (7) than. Swarthmore is a delightful, safe town in which to raise a family. List of cities by homicide rate. You can learn more about the top ten below or skip to the end to see the rankings for all 190 places. Many reviewers cite the city's great school district and proximity to Pittsburgh. The top ten in dangerous cities in Pennsylvania in 2023 are Scranton, Penbrook, Waynesboro, Washington Township, Shippensburg and Carlisle. Find out what's happening in Newtown with. The following table ranks the safest and most dangerous cities in the …. 1, while Darby Borough, Pennsylvania, came in second. Ranked the 12th most violent city in Mississippi, Batesville residents have a 1 in 424 chance of being the victim of violence. The Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2023. The most dangerous city in Tennessee is Dyersburg, which has a population of 16,164 and a crime rate that is 244% higher than the national average. The 8 Most Dangerous Cities in Texas: A Quick Look 1. 2 inhabitants; Commute time: 24. Oklahoma has more to worry about than tornadoes; they are the 43rd least safest state in the country. Using this is not a very good measurement. North Carolina is largely considered safe, but there are 15 particularly dangerous cities worth avoiding. Unfortunately, this makes Waterloo one of Iowa’s worst cities to live in. Residents have a 1 in 270 chance of becoming the victim of a crime. Now on to numbers 11-100 Biggest in Pennsylvania We hope that you find the big city, or …. Louisiana's third-most populous city, Shreveport, has a population of 185,588 residents and a per capita crime cost of $5,153. You can learn more about the top ten below or skip to the end to see the rankings for all 189 places. Others are Ypsilanti, Michigan; Yuma, Arizona; Yorba Linda, Yuba City, and Yucaipa, California. With a population of only 18,400, Johnstown boasts a crime rate 68% higher than the state average. 8 percent, in direct contrast to the rest of the US where unemployment has shrunk by 6. cities tracked by the FBI that are home to at least 100,000 people to determine the 50 most dangerous cities in America. In fact, by 1994, it was known as the murder capital of the world thanks to the very high Gary, Indiana crime rates. We used data and Friday Night Science to identify the worst suburbs of Philadelphia for 2023. America's 10 Most Dangerous Cities 10 photos First published on November 22, 2010 / 4:11 PM. New York City, New York, has over double the amount of people as the runner-up, Los Angeles. Louis(data not received), and Springfield from 10th to 29th position. It’s the site of a civil war battle and is a great place for birdwatching, fishing, hunting, and hiking. Every safest city reported no more than 2. Top 10 Deadliest Cities In The USA. See full list on travelsafe-abroad. Dangerous Places In Wisconsin. The Most Dangerous Cities In The World. No Chicago isn't remotely among the most dangerous cities - but Chicago should be compared to NY and LA - its peer cities. cities that start with the letter “y” are Yakima, Washington; York, Pennsylvania; Yukon, Oklahoma; Youngstown, Ohio; and Yonkers, New York. Here are the results of our analysis: The city with the largest African American population in Pennsylvania is Yeadon based on the most recent Census data. The only place in the country where all the sports teams have the same colors, and where the fans actually know what the. Buckingham · 20,279 · 0 (second safest) · 315 (11th safest) More on Buckingham: ; 3. Louis, Illinois, topped the list as No. 57%: Violent Crimes in 2021: 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania; Conclusion. Bemidji, the dwelling place of folklore heroes Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and the setting for Netflix’s Fargo, holds a less glamorous title as Minnesota’s most dangerous city. created an index based on racial disparities in eight socioeconomic measures in U. With a population of 5,920, its crime rate is 6,409 per 100,000 people—173% more dangerous than the national average. Top 10 Worst Places to Live In Pennsylvania. Milford is in the top 5 for both violent and property crime in Delaware. Based on FBI statistics, McKees Rocks, Darby, Chester, Mckeesport, and Yeadon are the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a charming city that offers its visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and culinary delights. 6 violent crimes per 100,000 people) Michigan has the 10th highest violent crime rate in the country, at 478 incidents for every 100,000 people. The capital of Myanmar reached crisis point in February 2021, when a coup took place, and the Myanmar military declared a state of emergency and assumed control. Murder rate: 138 per 100,000 inhabitants. This communal group was founded by David “Moses” Berg. With a population of only 10,687, Darby saw 412 total crimes in …. Here is what Property Club had to say about the most dangerous city to live in all of Pennsylvania:. Located just 19 miles from Albuquerque, Los Lunas was established by the Luna family, its original settlers. 82 per dollar a man earns, women occupy only 41. Despite having a small population of 5,920, McKees Rocks has a high crime rate of 6,409 per 100,000, making it 173% more hazardous than the national average. Table 1: Top 5 Safest Cities In Vermont. 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Delaware. I know the above poster has it in one, but that's 2004. Darby Borough, Pennsylvania · 3. Using FBI crime statistics as well as demographic information, Safewise has ranked these as the safest cities in Florida. according to the study, click here. The Most Dangerous Cities in Mexico in 2023. Notes from the Field: Increases in Firearm. 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Mexico 2023: In the Line of Fire. The violent crime rate in Boston is nearly double the national violent crime rate. Brockton's violent crime rates have actually dropped somewhat since the 2013 FBI report, but it is still one of the most dangerous cities in Massachusetts. With a population of 317,000, the total violent crime rate is 2,781 which equals out to be 877 violent crimes per 100,000 people. We understand there's a lot of good in every place. Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,531 Property Crimes Per 100k: 2,759 Advertisement 3. Home values vary from city to city, with several areas having higher than the state average. Property Crimes (Annually): 4,433. Odds of being a victim: 1 in 50. Nestled on Tacoma’s southwestern edge, Lakewood ranks as the tenth most dangerous city in Washington, with high instances of car theft and violent crime. McKeesport is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, according to a study from the National Council for Home Safety and . Sauk Village, Illinois (also had the highest violent crime rate in the U. Wilmington is a large, medium-sized city with a population of approximately 71,525 people. According to SafeWise, "70% of people in New Hampshire reported feeling safe in their state compared to 50% of Americans. Is Brooklyn Safe To Visit? Everything You Need To Know (Crime …. Statistically speaking, Atlanta is a moderately safe place to visit. Once again, the city of Waterville is one of the most dangerous cities in Maine, though its population has been gradually increasing since 2011. In 2021, Atlanta had a violent crime rate of 697. 10% of murder cases go unsolved. The 10 Worst Cleveland Suburbs For 2023. The safest cities in Pennsylvania are Luzerne and Buckingham for 2023. The property crime rate in Kansas is 5,056 per 100k people. We used data and Friday Night Science to identify the worst suburbs of Cleveland for 2023. 4 per 1,000 people) and 1,969 property crimes (12. Overall, the Norristown area scores a 13 out of 100 on the crime index, with 100 being the safest. Colleges: Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus, Cambria-Rowe Business College-Indiana, Indiana County Technology Center. 10 Most Safest Cities In Texas 2023: Peace of Mind in the Lone …. Peoria is another one of the most dangerous cities in Illinois. here is a 2023 update of the most dangerous cities in the world: Caracas, Venezuela. It is located between Central City and Alhambra. While the percentages are a little skewed based on the huge summer population increases, you still have an 11% change of being the victim of a property crime in RB, making it one of the more dangerous places in Delaware. Almost anywhere in Pennsylvania is lovely, with its historic …. 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Mississippi. Browse The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvaniabuy goods, services, and more in your neighborhood area. Known for its crime rate in Colorado, Canon City has one of the highest crime rates nationally, with the odds of falling victim to a crime being 1 in 21. The median income sits at just $36,424. 7 percent were born outside of the United States. Pennsylvania is home to the city of Pittsburgh, with the 26th highest population in the USA. The 10 Most Dangerous Places To Live In Minnesota. Known as "America's Dairyland", Wisconsin has the 11th lowest total crime rate of all states but its changing fast. It has been included in real estate analytics company NeighborhoodScout's "Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America" list every year since it has been compiled. The 10 Safest Cities In Pennsylvania For 2023 ; 2. The five most dangerous neighbourhoods of houston are Sunnyside, MacGregor, Sharpstown, Greenspoint and Far North. Essentials for Staying Safe While Traveling. The median rent in Clarks Summit is $931. To be safe, visit during the day and avoid staying overnight when traveling alone. These Pennsylvania cities and towns have the highest murder rates, based on the FBI's current crime statistics. Of the 4,473 cities to report one or more incidents of violence, Warren ranks No. There have been roughly 190 homicides in Houston in the first five months of 2021. You can see by yourself in this ranking of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. Louis is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. 6 crimes for every 100 residents in 2014. The rate of violent crime in Nashville is 1,073 per 100,000 residents. Keene (Cheshire County) Population – 23,106 (2021) Violent Crime Rate – 1. 2 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 82. crime, especially violent offenses. reviewed violent crime rates in nearly 300 U. Forums > Pennsylvania "10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania" (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh: violent crime, university) User Name: Remember Me: Password Philadelphia is in the top ten, getting off that list is a good goal, why does this have to be about pittsburgh? 10-07-2014, 06:40 PM RightonWalnut. Most Dangerous Cities In Pennsylvania; Source: Wikipedia User en:User:Jleon (Transfered | CC BY-SA 3. See if your city made the full list. In the past 5 years alone, unemployment has increased by 9. 0: 2: Milton Previous rank: 6: 10921: 961. Statistics found that there were 139. Pennsylvania remains cheap and affordable in terms of the …. While Manayunk is considered a small section of Philly, it's hard to not include it in this list. Ciudad Victoria: 900 mm (35 inches) per year. Still, you can find benefits to life in the area. Baton Rouge is the deadliest city in Louisiana, with one of the. Although it is not quite as hot as Death Valley, the Danakil Desert will still reach around 131 °F. America's Most Dangerous Cities - #1 New Orleans, Louisiana. Boston has a population of 685,094 (as of 2017) and incurs 19 million visitors every year. The 10 Safest Cities In America For 2023. Methodology: How We Measured The Fastest Growing Cities In the Keystone State for 2022. In 2019, there were 24 homicides reported in the area. If you want some good advice, don`t move to to these 10 worst cities in Mississippi. 15 Most Dangerous Cities In The US According To 2023 Data. in Pennsylvania: A Friendly Guide for ">Places to Avoid in Pennsylvania: A Friendly Guide for. The total number of reported crimes in that year was 21,714, while the city’s total population is just 389,165. Doctor in NYC Fired by Hospital After Saying Israelis Killed. It has the highest violent crime rate of the Top 10 American cities with a population greater than 1 million residents . The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the UK: A Quick Look 1. But it is a busy destination, with throngs of visitors arriving each year. The 10 Richest Cities In Washington For 2023. This city is famous for poverty and violent crime like rape, homicides, and kidnapping, etc. Toward the end of 2020, it ranked second in terms of dangerousness in Delaware. When ranking the most dangerous Ohio cities, three major metropolises took the top three spots. Arkansas leads the nation in the meth use. Encanto is only 8 square miles making it Phoenix's smallest and densest urban village. The research comes from NeighborhoodScout. The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The Philippines. The violent crime rate in this area is alarmingly high at 2,862 per 100,000 people, making it one of the city’s most unsafe places to live. ” The study is based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Pittsburgh For 2022. Although not the most dangerous place in the state, it's in the top 20 worst because of its high crime reports. Of those, 2,651 were considered violent crimes. In addition to Opa-locka and Florida City, other Florida cities to make the list were Cocoa at No. Minnesota's 20 Safest Cities of 2023. To see where Pennsylvania ranked as a state, we have a ranking of the most diverse states in Ameria. McKees Rocks McKees Rocks, also called “The Rocks,” is a borough in Allegheny County and has been deemed the most dangerous place to live in …. For more cities, head on over to 5 U. 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The United States. Here is the Neighborhood Scout ranking of the most crime-ridden cities and their mayors. While violent crime is a significant issue, the majority of the 774 crimes committed in 2020 were robberies or assaults. Madidi National Park – A Jungle Paradise. The Windy City appears as #7 on The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the Midwest list below, based on a regional review of the 2017 data. However, crime statistics are high due to its limited size—less than 8,000 people call it home. The Worst Places To LIve In Pennsylvania. It is a charmingly beautiful city that is home to two institutions of higher education. Poor schools and a lack of recreational facilities are also factors that make a place undesirable. The 10 most dangerous cities in the world mapped. Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania (2023)">List Of Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania (2023). You are likely to experience theft, burglary, and vehicle theft in Fife, and it affects 1 in 15 residents. In fact, it could be called the most dangerous city in USA. According to the same 2018 data from the FBI, the top 10 most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania are: Chester: 47. In fact, very few cities across the country match Canon City’s crime rate. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is also the most dangerous city in the whole state. Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Africa You Need To Know!!. Centralia is the second-most dangerous city in Illinois, with the third-highest violent crime rate and the sixth-most property crimes. Approximately 9,751 Pennsylvanians live in Uniontown, which saw a total. Safewise has reported that there are ten cities in Florida that have ranked exceptionally high in terms of safety. Laurel’s small-town allure hides its high crime rates, significantly above the national average. In Pennsylvania, there are many different electric providers to choose from, each with their own rates and plans. Here’s a scale to give you some perspective on Atlanta’s violent. As recently as 2013, CNN ranked Newark one of the top 10 most dangerous cities in the United States. According to the 2010 Census, the U. There are 1,147 crime cases in 2023, It is the third most dangerous cities in Texas in 2023, Violent crime occur at the rate of about 4. The category 4 storm devastated the island city, killing 1 in 6 residents and destroying most of the …. In fact, after researching dangerous places to live, NeighborhoodScout found Oakland to be one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U. One Minnesota city was listed as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. September 20, 2023; We’re about to take you on our tour through the top ten most threatening cities within Quaker State for 2023. With a population of 16,234, Beckley experienced 147 violent crimes – 109 aggravated assaults, 24 rapes, 11 robberies, and three murders/non-negligent manslaughters. Dangerous Places In Wisconsin - Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Wisconsin You Should Never Move To. This analysis applies to the Pittsburgh area's proper boundaries only. Top 10 Safest Cities in Pennsylvania (Any Size) · Kempton: What is the safest city in Pennsylvania? · Shade Gap: With a population that hovers . Darby, located in Pennsylvania, has gained a reputation for being one of the most dangerous cities in the state. The crime rate here is a whopping 150% higher than the national average and over 250% higher than the state average. There are 129 crimes per square mile in this small city, and most of them are property crimes. Harrisburg is in the 28th percentile for safety, meaning 72% of cities are safer and 28% of cities are more dangerous. 7 violent crimes committed against residents per. The schools are excellent, many of the homes historic, and it is just a quick ride to Media or to Philadelphia. Louisiana also has the highest homicide rate in the U. Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods and Districts in Philadelphia, PA. In this article, we will learn about the 25 most dangerous cities in America. Twitter seemed to agree: “McKees Rocks might be the most ghetto place in Pittsburgh. Chicago isn't in the 50 most dangerous cities in the world!. Chicago PD has a list of where most criminals acquire their firearms and the top 10 are all gun stores in Iowa Indiana. Property Crimes Per 100k: 3,105. Detroit has a violent crime rate of 2,007. America’s Most Dangerous Small Towns. Other top dangerous cities in 2022 like Rockford moved from 7th to 14th, St. Image by Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash. In 2019, FBI data said 83 people were murdered there. All of the ten most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania have poverty rates of 22. Durham, North Carolina, is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania Ten: Johnstown. The next city to feature is Pietermartizburg at number seven with a crime index of 79. That’s 159 people killed for every 100,000 residents. Higher crime rate compared to other cities in Michigan. Instead, mid-sized cities in the Pacific Northwest and California dominate the ranking. Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U. 10 Most Dangerous Cities In New Jersey 2023: Exploring the …. The chances of becoming a victim of any crime are high, with residents having a 1 in. Following closely behind McKees Rocks as the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania are Darby, Chester, and Mckeesport. Top 12 Most Dangerous Cities in the World by murder rate per 100K. On a scale of one to 100, Alamo’s violent crime rate is 43, compared to the US average of 22. Overall, California is the second-worst driving state in the nation. In the tri-state area, New Jersey has the best drivers. The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia For 2022. analysis examining cities with at least 20,000 in population. Let’s have a look at the 29 most dangerous cities in Canada. Weak schools and concerns about crime also weigh on the neighborhood's 24,891 residents. Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents): 33. And while it isn’t the largest city, it does come out on top as having the highest violent crime rate—801 per 100,000, as well as the highest property crime. Property crimes reached 3,148, equating to. What Is Gary, Indiana Known For?. Is Your City on The List? 10 Most Dangerous Cities in The World. According to the same 2018 data from the FBI, the top 10 most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania are: Of course, this list includes some of the largest cities in Pennsylvania. Cities Safest and Most Dangerous U. Louis, Missouri with 4,888 violent crimes per 100,000 and a population of about 27,000. Table 2: Top 20 Most Dangerous Cities In Kansas. Crime can stifle economic growth in any city, and Florida City has a violent crime rate of 2,276 incidents per 100,000 people, putting it securely in the top 10% most dangerous American cities. Florence, the heart of the Pee Dee region in northeastern South Carolina, has a heartache of its own – crime. Hamilton Township, Warren County. Based on average rate of violent crime per 100,000 population, The National Council for Home Safety and Security released the top 10 ranking, which is a subset of its larger …. Within District Of Columbia, more than 100% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Washington. BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore is the fourth "Most Dangerous City in America," according to the financial news website 247wallst. McKeesport is 4th most dangerous city in America, according to study. The state has 224 police officers for every 100,000 residents. Cape Town is a beautiful city in South Africa but it is also one of the most dangerous cities in the world with 66. If your in the auto business, you compare your quality metrics to Toyota - not Fiat!. Data from 136 Pennsylvania cities were studied with Safewise identifying the top 50. The Safest and Most Dangerous Places in Pittsburgh, PA: Crime …. If you’re keen to feel safer when you travel try out some of the devices we swear by to make us feel more comfortable. Haunted Places in Pennsylvania. Rank City Population Total Crime Rate Per 100,000 Inhabitants; 1: Shelburne Previous rank: 4: 7887: 735. Philadelphia, PA Crime Rates and Statistics. ” The top ten most dangerous cities in Mississippi, according to onlyinyourstate. Number 9 Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Located just outside downtown Pittsburgh, the Strip District is considered the most dangerous neighborhood. Shockingly, the property crime rate in Alamo is 80. With a violent crime rate of 33. To ensure the relevance and accuracy of our rankings, this list includes only cities and communities in Pennsylvania with a population of more than 5,000 residents. Luzerne Township topped the list with Jackson Township in Luzerne County and Brecknock Township in Berks County comprising the top three. And we are a distant third and an abysmal failure. – Three people were killed and 11 others wounded late on June 4, 2022, in the US city of Philadelphia after multiple shooters opened fire into a crowd on a …. As well as being the deadliest, it is the most dangerous. In fact, all the top 10 most dangerous cities in the. Manayunk is located on the edge of Philadelphia and contains the country's first canal …. The Strip District is known for its high incidence of violent crime, including a. There were 19 mass shooting incidents in Maryland in the 2023 reporting year, 1 less than the previous year.